Lookfar Connections is a cooperative of organizations committed to environmental restoration and social change

The Ecovillage Institute
The Ecovillage Institute is based in Findhorn, Scotland. EVI was founded by a small group of dedicated water stewards who have been working to provide water access and sanitation around the world for over ten years. They decided to come together and create EVI in 2003 as a way of addressing the massive problems facing water in the world today, by focusing on a whole systems approach to water. EVI has worked extensively in India, China, Russia, Bolivia and the UK from 2003-2006.

Lookfar Productions
Lookfar Productions is a video/media production company that strives to bring good things to light. Giving voice to stories of hope, the challenges we face and new ways to live in a changing world.

The One Water Network
The One Water Network is a network of educators, centers and people committed to solving the problems facing water today, through education and the construction of ecological systems such as water recycling, constructed wetlands/reed beds for treating sewage and gray water, rainwater catchment tanks, composting toilets and tree planting.

Rethinking Agriculture
We all eat. Yet few consumers know what goes into our food supply and what is behind the spiraling loss in food quality. Consumers and producers are faced with challenges that require a fearless moral inventory of our food supply due to climate change, peak oil, and economic drift.  The health of a nation’s topsoil becomes the health of it’s people.

These issues combined have lead to a worldwide condition of soil bankruptcy and ultimately a massive loss in human nutrition. The deepening dependency on chemicals and crop protection products has become a band-aid substitute for good farming practices. Beyond political interests, food labels, industry profits and the media, farmers and consumers need to relearn the fundamentals about soil and crop nutrition as it really works. “Weeds, insects and diseases are not due to a lack of pesticides, they are the messengers”.

Once on the path to soil recovery we can rebuild real health and original wealth while developing skills & resources for local food independence.

The Lookfar Exchange
Lookfar Exchange is a fair trade import business of quality ethical clothing, accessories, homeware and jewelry from around the world. We specialize in whole fibers and natural plant dyes. All our products are handmade and support indigenous artisans, especially women to have financial independence. 25% of profits go to the One Water Network and support the restoration of degraded water and soil. We currently have a large selection of gorgeous Peruvian items: stylish alpaca sweaters, hand woven clothing, bags and homeware, and unique sterling silver and stone jewelry.