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~ Farming As If Your Life Depended On It ~
With Mark Fulford

We all eat. Yet few consumers know what goes into our food supply and what is behind the spiraling loss in food quality. Consumers and producers are faced with challenges that require a fearless moral inventory of our food supply due to climate change, peak oil, and economic drift.  The health of a nation’s topsoil becomes the health of it’s people.

These issues combined have lead to a worldwide condition of soil bankruptcy and ultimately a massive loss in human nutrition. The deepening dependency on chemicals and crop protection products has become a band-aid substitute for good farming practices. Beyond political interests, food labels, industry profits and the media, farmers and consumers need to relearn the fundamentals about soil and crop nutrition as it really works. “Weeds, insects and diseases are not due to a lack of pesticides, they are the messengers”.

Once on the path to soil recovery we can rebuild real health and original wealth while developing skills & resources for local food independence.


Teltane Farm & lookfar Agricultural Services:

GARLIC - Many varieties of Seed and Tablestock

Heirloom - Apples ~ Pears ~ Kiwis ~ Berries

Medicinal Plants

Waldo Custom Blend(A 16 component, dry soil amendment for common New England soil conditions).

• Soil & Crop Consulting for Conventional to Organic Transitions
• Classes and Seminars on Soil & Crop Nutrition
• Mineral and Biological Products for Certified Organic Production
• Non – Electric Water Strategies

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The Rethinking Agriculture series is offered by Mark Fulford.
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