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~The 2010 Garlic season is here!~

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Garlic (Allium Sativum) is one of the first crops to herald in the harvest season. For thousands of years garlic has been valued as an important medicinal plant and condiment. Found everywhere from the tombs of the Middle East to the tables of nearly every ancient and modern culture and country, garlic is a universally valued crop.

Modern medicine has come to recognize garlic’s many beneficial properties that include the treatment of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol levels. Garlic also performs admirably as an immune system enhancer, antiseptic, and internal cleanser of parasites and toxins such as lead! Besides all of these benefits, garlic is a delicious addition to countless recipes from many international cuisines.

Keep your garlic in a cool dry location out of direct sunlight. Please remember to order as early as possible since our supplies usually run out by early October.
We include a simple page of planting & growing instructions with each order.

This year’s crop of 2010 is better than we had hoped for.
With improved weather conditions over last year, this season has seen an increase in yield and over all quality. We feel it is not by chance that split applications of biologically active mineral amendments such as our Waldo Mix and several foliar applications of organic / biological inoculants from several sources, has helped feed the soil and defend the crop. We have come to rely upon more diverse mineral blends, heavy cover cropping and closely timed rotations to build our soil and break weed cycles.

Seed grade garlic varieties are $20.00 lb
Kitchen or processing grade bulbs averaging around 1’1/2 inches or less are $8.00 lb
Pay by check or money order. Make payable to either Mark Fulford or Paula Fulford

(We do not accept credit cards)

Bulk Pricing Discount
Orders over $100 = 5% off
Orders over $200 = 10% off
Orders over $300 = 15% off
Orders over $400 = 20% off

Shipping and Handling
You can mix & match varieties to make the minimum (1lb).

***The minimum shipping cost for 1-5 lbs orders is $12.00 !!!

1-5 lb add $12.00
6-10 lb add 15% of order total cost after discount.
11 lb and up, add 10% of total cost after discount.

Please let us know if we may substitute another similar variety for out of stock items.


Calculating for planting: Porcelain types average 4-6 cloves per bulb, with 6-8 bulbs making a pound. Rocambole / Purple Stripe types average 6-9 good cloves per bulb, with 8-10 bulbs making a pound. Artichoke / (softneck) types average 10-16 cloves per bulb with 8-10 bulbs making a pound. The largest cloves grow the best plants provided you have good soil fertility. Apply these averages to your planting space, which can be as close as 6 inches to a foot apart each way for each clove.


Garlic Varieties:


The Sampler: for those who want to try 4 of our best selections as a 1lb variety pack. (1/4 pound,... approximately 3 bulbs each) of our most popular varieties to try out in your garden and see how they do for you. * $22.00 plus $12.00 for priority shipping.
Makes a great gift box for a garlic loving friend! (SOLD OUT OF SEED GRADE. KITCHEN GRADE AVALIBLE)


German Extra Hardy: A very rugged and dependable porcelain, often reaching great size.
Strong and richly flavored, medium-course fleshed cloves are fat and hard. This great keeper is fast becoming as popular as Russian Red here in the Northeast. (SOLD OUT)

Rosewood: A rugged porcelain type hardneck. Similar to German X-tra Hardy and Musik, averaging 4, full flavored dark pink to brownish red cloves in a very white wrapper. Makes a very dense fleshed clove of strong delicious flavor. Stores 5 to 6 months and has been a proven performer in Maine. (SOLD OUT)

Georgian Crystal: Continental or porcelain type, this boldly vigorous hard neck differs from rocambole types in that it produces massive 4-5 foot plants if allowed to seed. Bulbs are composed of 4-7 very large cloves. The bulb is more extended with the cloves being tall and pointed. Pale pink and tan cloves are easily peeled; their flavor is medium strong, long lasting and rich. The texture is moderately course and hard. Originally from the Republic of Georgia, Georgian Crystal is especially noted for excellent flavor and long lasting storage capabilities.(SOLD OUT)

Siberian Red: From Russia; This is especially dense fleshed for a purple-striped variety and has been with us since ’97. Impressively rich and hot, 5-6 rounded rock hard purple cloves are wrapped in white papers streaked with purple. Very strong plants are tall with deep root systems. Can become the largest of all the purple stripe types we have grown with exceptional storage of 9 to 10 months.(SOLD OUT)

Russian Red: The standard of excellent flavor in rocambole garlics. Medium-long storage length. Russian red is one of the most thrifty bulb producers on a wide range of soils and is reliably hardy anywhere in the northern U.S. The short, broad leaved plants finish before most porcelain types. We would not be without it.(SOLD OUT)

Metechi: Another very uniform, hot, solid cloved rocambole much like Bogatyr. Bulbs are squat in appearance, purple streaked wrappers, averaging 5 cloves. Plants are short statured with narrow, almost horizontal leaves at maturity. Proven reliable and thrifty in Maine. Deliciously sharp at first. Stores like Russian Red and finishes late.(SOLD OUT)

German White: Huge, tall plants finish late. A rich, rather hot and full flavored porcelain type that we obtained from several sources in the past and have selected the best compared strains. Hardy and productive plants average four to six very large cloves to a bulb. ‘Workhorse’ of the porcelain group. (SOLD OUT)

Musik: Late white 4-6 clove porcelain variety. Very productive, heavy bulbs, similar to Georgian Crystal, but perhaps a bit denser, full, rich and medium hot- an easy grower in Maine. Cloves are pinkish with a solid hard shell. Stores 9-10 months. Originally from Canada. (SOLD OUT)

New York Extra Hardy: A refined strain of German Extra Hardy that has performed equally as well as the original with an occasional extra clove when grown on really good soil.(SOLD OUT)

Phillips: A true rocambole type, developed from plants found at an abandoned farmstead in Phillips, Maine. Much like Russian Red or German Red, but as much as two weeks later to emerge in the spring. A short plant with broad leaves like Russian Red with even better storage. Five to six, tan colored, fat smooth textured cloves are the epitome of garlic. (SOLD OUT)

Romanian Red: A medium height, 3-4 cloved porcelain type with very solid shiny white bulbs. Reddish cloves are dense, strong and full flavored, A very nice garlic to have in our collection. Like other porcelains it is very easy to clean, stores nicely through the winter for us.(SOLD OUT)

Bohemian Red: A true Rocambole type of garlic on par with Russian Red and Phillips for large bulbs that shell out the cloves easily for preparation. Short, broad leaved plants resemble Russian Red or German Brown rocamboles. Smooth buttery textured cloves are of outstanding flavor. Medium storage.(SOLD OUT)

Inchelium: Another artichoke type soft neck that similarly to Kettle River takes our Northeastern winters fairly well. Originates from the native tribe of Colville B C area. It did very well in this last ’08 -‘09 winter with delayed emergence, yet it greened up fast with extra mineral and soil inoculant drenches. Averages 11- 16 cloves of long lasting qualities. Crisp, smooth grained cloves are sharp and richly flavored.(SOLD OUT)

Kettle River: An excellent Artichoke type soft neck garlic averaging 9-13 cloves. Bold taste that does not fade in rich garlicky flavor with cooking. Originating from the Kettle River region, state of Washington. Lasts long in storage and has proven to be one of the more reliable soft neck types for the Northeast. Bulbs can reach very good size. (SOLD OUT)

Bogatyr: From the former East Germany comes an exciting purple stripe rocambole that lasts two months longer than Russian Red. Bogatyr can yield almost identically to Russian Red. The leaves are narrower and the bulbs have fewer, hotter and more flavorful cloves. The 4-7 easily peeled cloves are a deep purplish-red, fine-grained, and extremely solid. Bulbs are more squat and wide with almost no doubles. Like other rocamboles, Bogatyr is a strong top-setting variety, producing a pod of pea sized bulblets if allowed to go to seed. Very hardy and highly suitable for cold climates, “ We feel that this one may rival Russian Red for the Northeast”.(SOLD OUT)

Chinese Porcelain: This is a very early, hot flavored porcelain that came to us as three seed bulbs from a catalog several years ago. with careful seed selection and good soil we are improving the quality of the strain and have a limited amount of this to sell this year. It starts unfurling it’s scapes a couple of days earlier than all our other porcelain types and lasts as well in storage.(SOLD OUT)


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