Youth trust
Working Together
For the Restoration and Sustainable Use of Water and Soil

One water flows through us all, continuously cycling and recycling,
connection all life in shared interdependence

Our Vision
What We Do

To bring people together to share, learn and deepens our connection with nature, creating a fuller understanding of our relationship to common natural resources and their profound effect on our quality of life.


To transform this connection into the practical implementation of physical and social systems which strengthen the long term vitality of water, soil and humanity.


Collaborative Artwork

Sewage Treatment Wetland Under Construction and 6 Month Later


Hands-on Education For Sustainable Resource Management

Restoration of Degraded Water and Soil

Natural Water Treatment

Gray Water Irrigation and Landscape Design


Rain Water Harvesting

Compost Toilet Systems

Solar, Wind and Hand Pumps

Educational Murals and Collaborative


Wilderness Adventure Expeditions

Community Support

Key Aspects
Who We Work With

The Principles of
Ecological Design,
discovered in the language of nature, are changing how we live. These principles create a technological and social framework that supports humanity while restoring the Earth. By learning an applying the ecological knowledge of the natural world to restorative projects, a new generation of earth stewards are cultivated.

cohesiveness and autonomy is strengthened through training's for local facilitators and teachers who coordinate the long-term aspects of water and soil restoration

and classes are dynamic and participatory, including the implementation of site specific solutions.

is practiced as and educational medium uniting people from different cultures and backgrounds in a common creative cause.

Wilderness Adventure
provides a means for personal growth, connection to nature and teaches us to overcome challenges as a group.

Whole Systems Approach:
Education-Sustanable Use-Recycling-Restoration-Education

Cultural Exchange:
As we seek out examples and best practices in renewable living, the greatest diversity of culture gives us the broadest spectrum of expertise and experience form which to share. This network is about connection these experiences to crate a practical and beautiful Vision of hope for the future.


Mural of the Water Cycle

Schools, Communities, Businesses, Conference

Solar Water Pumping

Gray Water Wetland Used for Irrigation of a Permaculture Garden

Onsite Farm Consulting for Quality Organic Harvest

Recycled Water Irrigation

To read the Bolivia Report by Lisa Shaw click HERE
An account of her time spent working in Bolivia

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International number:
(44) 0 7786006430